I teach music in the form of guitar lessons to students of all ages. Over the years I have developed a successful and stimulating approach to studying the guitar and developing musical understanding. The aim is beyond a mere riff or song every week, rather, it is to gain insights and experiences that will last longer, be more rewarding and creatively engaging. Stylewise we’ll be speaking in the common languages in use be it rock, blues, jazz, classical, metal, or beyond, whatever you are interested in.
Beneficial areas of study include technique, rhythm, melody, harmony, reading, ear training, formal awareness, improvisation.

I have 19 years of professional teaching experience and have taught hundreds, if not 1,000! players from the very young up to seniors, individually and in groups, privately, in music schools, at music stores, public schools, and held master classes at universities. I have taught at these NYC schools: City College, The Collective, Trevor Day School, Acme Hall, Slope Music, & The Music Zoo on Long Island.
I hold two degrees: a BA in music pedagogy from The Academy of music in Malmö, Sweden, and an MA in Jazz performance from City College, New York, NY.

Good teaching means flexibility with one’s method. I will listen to you. If you are interested in taking lessons email me at Earraticart@gmail.com


Anders has been my guitar instructor for 3 years and I have enjoyed every moment of the times we play together. He is very patient and extremely helpful. Sometimes if I don’t know something he’ll tell me how to do it, let me work on it and give me many tips, which makes it easier. To conclude, he is an excellent guitar teacher and is a great friend to be around when playing.

– Tyler, 14

I’ve studied guitar and music under various instructors, but Anders is the one who has made the most significant impression on the way I view and play music. I initially started taking lessons with Anders at a local music shop as a beginner, and continued with him for 5 years, even after he left the store. Aside from being extremely technically proficient and knowledgeable in all aspects of music (theory, history, etc.), Anders’ greatest assets are his extremely open mind, and his ability to apply what he knows into his own playing and composition- a skill that he passes along to his students very naturally. His eclectic musical tastes which range from Django Reinhardt, to Metallica, Frank Zappa, and Anton Webern ensure that after a few lessons with Anders, your musical world will be turned upside down, and you’ll learn to see music without boundaries and learn to appreciate all of its many sides. As a student who has studied jazz guitar and is currently studying contemporary classical composition at a college level I can say that Anders’ instruction, guidance, and friendship has prepared me thoroughly for my path to musicianship.

– Nick, 20

After playing guitar on and (mostly) off for 15 years, I decided to seek a teacher to help me unlock the inner secrets of the guitar. Fortunately, I found Anders and we have been playing together for more than three years. He begins by asking what you want to learn, where you are coming from, and how you’d like to proceed. He is interested in a wide variety of musical styles, and he regularly surprises me with great riffs and arrangements from blues, heavy metal, classic rock, reggae, folk, jazz and flamenco.

He is extraordinarily patient, kind, and understanding of how hard songs are to play the first time through. He never makes you feel guilty for being out of practice, and will do practical exercises with you to build technical skill. His positive attitude is contagious and he is always ready to explain the musical theory behind the notes if you’re interested. His love and passion for music is always on display, which makes him a perfect match for all skill levels — I even have him teach my children.

I enjoy creating my own songs and exploring musical themes, and Anders is always eager to explore with me and improvise constructively along the way. He is teacher, cheerleader, fan, and friend all rolled into one. I highly recommend Anders Nilsson.
– Gregor, 39

Studying with Anders Nilsson was the best move I ever made for both my guitar playing and my ability to listen to and appreciate great music. I came to Anders as a huge fan of heavy metal and also jam based improvisational rock music (Metallica,Grateful Dead, Phish) Anders harnessed my drive to improvise and opened my eyes and ears to a whole universe of music that I never knew existed. He always keeps it amazingly fun but also cerebral. We explored modal improvisation, rhythm, sight reading, ear training, and chord voicings and inversions including altered chords. Some of the artists and styles we covered include modal Indian music, Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Thelonius Monk, John McLaughlin, Django, Malmsteen. The list goes on. He has added tremendous shades of color and vocabulary to my playing. I was even able to write my first tune called Fermentation of Insanity thanks to his tutelage. His knowledge of theory and teaching style are unmatched. He is the man, may the muse perpetually ferment!

-Nick, 38