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NEW! MOHSEN NAMJOO “AXIS OF SOLITUDE” Live in Dallas Daf Daf Productions 2017


Hogwild Manifesto (Hot&Cold) Buy Here Powers (Nilsson/Fonda/Nilsson) Buy Here
Kalabalik (Björkenheim/Nilsson/Cleaver) Buy Here Anders Nilsson “Night Guitar” Buy Here
Exposed Blues Duo “Bare” Buy Here Anders Nilsson’s AORTA Ensemble Buy Here
Fulminate Trio Buy Here   Anders Nilsson’s AORTA “KOPAlectric” 2007 Kopasetic Productions (KOPA fest ’06 compilation) Buy Here
Anders Nilsson’s Aorta “Janus” Buy Here Anders Nilsson’s Aorta “Blood” Buy Here

 Selected Discography


  • Anders Nilsson “Night Guitar” 2012 SoundatOne 
  • Anders Nilsson’s AORTA Ensemble 2009 Kopasetic Productions 
  • Anders Nilsson’s AORTA “KOPAlectric” 2007 Kopasetic Productions (KOPA fest ’06 compilation) 
  • Anders Nilsson’s AORTA “Janus” 2005 Kopasetic Productions
  • Anders Nilsson’s AORTA “Blood” 2004 Kopasetic Productions 

Fulminate Trio:

  • “Triangulation” (Unseen Rain) 2015 (download only)
  • “Fulminate Trio” 2008 Generate Records

Fay Victor Ensemble:

  • “Absinthe & Vermouth” Greene Ave. Music 2013 
  • “Freesong Suite” 2009 Greene Avenue Music
  • “Cartwheels through the Cosmos” 2006 Artist Share

Jeremy Danneman  w. Anders Nilsson, William Parker, Tim Keiper:

  • “Lost Signals” (Ropeadope) 2016
  • “Help” (Ropeadope) 2015
  • “Lady Boom Boom” (Ropeadope) 2015

Sebastian Schunke:

  • feat. Paquito D’Rivera “Back in New York” 2008 Connector
  • “Mouvement” 2004 Timba Records

Matt Lavelle:

  • 12 Houses “Endtimes” Unseen Rain 2017 
  • 12 Houses “Solidarity” Unseen Rain 2015 
  • Matt Lavelle “Trumpet rising Bass-clarinet Moon” 2004 577 Records

Other collaborations:

  • Exposed Blues Duo “Bare” 2010 Greene Avenue Music 
  • Hot&Cold “Hogwild manifesto” 2012 Jungulous Records
  • Nilsson/Fonda/Nilsson “Powers” 2012 Konnex Records
  • Raoul Björkenheim/Anders Nilsson/Gerald Cleaver “Kalabalik” 2012 DMG/ARC 
  • Gordon Beeferman “Four parts five” Innova Recordings 2015
  • “Have you ever meta Guitar? III” co-ordinated by Elliott Sharp (Cleanfeed Records) 2014
  • Francois Grillot “Contraband” Hell’s Kitchen Records 2011
  • John Sinclair with Hollow Bones 2011 straw2gold pictures
  • Angelblood “Mambo Mange” 2007 Locust LP
  • Talibam! “Boogie in the Breeze Blocks” (as guest on a few tracks) 2009 ESP
  • Talibam! “Ordination of the Globetrotting Conscripts” AzulDiscographia 2007 (guest on 2 tracks)
  • Tom Bruno & Anders Nilsson “In The Ozone” 2005 Bootleg 1 
  • Derek Bailey Tribute Band Ictus Records 2013