Hot & Cold

Hot & Cold = a collaboration between guitarists Aaron Dugan and Anders Nilsson. The pair met many years ago and instantly hit it off. They quickly found out they play well together without effort and share the same birthday, 6/20. Their musical process is a total democracy with lots of writing sessions bouncing ideas back and forth, as well as totally spontaneous duo improvising. In 2015 Hot & Cold were invited to perform at The “Alternative Guitar Summit”, a festival in New York City. They have also played bar and club gigs in the city and elsewhere.

“From the uber-sensitive “For Albert” to the broad-spectrum sonic palette of “Night Juice Agenda” it’s perfectly clear that true democracy exits here in this duo offering. Anders and Aaron have clearly and refreshingly left ego (personal and guitaristic) at the door, creating a musical environment where the whole is larger than the parts; a manifesto so hog wild full of respect and embrace – pure heart and music of which we’re the lucky recipients.” – Ken Filiano

Blurb: Fusing their common love of improvisation and composition, guitarists Anders Nilsson and Aaron Dugan create musical layers that transgress denominations and -isms and embrace the universe’s constant mandate to create anew. ////

Aaron Dugan is a Brooklyn based guitarist/composer raised in Philadelphia. He studied Jazz Performance at the New School in Manhattan under George Garzone, Steve Cardenas, Richie Beirach and others. He has collaborated with a diverse set musicians such as Bill Laswell, Sly and Robbie, Jaymay, John Zorn, Bootsy Collins, Matisyahu, Jeff Arnal and Maya Dunietz. He currently spends most of his time touring abroad with various artists as well as composing, collaborating and performing in New York.

Review quotes: Although this duo is called Hot & Cold, perhaps it should be called Hot & Hotter. I dig the way the distortion (pedals) pushes things into a more intense light. There is a great section in the middle of “Hogwild Manifesto” in which both guitarists play short (what sounds like) written line together before they trade licks and play some counterpoint with infectious yet twisted harmonies. Although short, it does remind me of those epic progressive or fusion double guitar passages that were popular in the mid-seventies. “For Albert” is a short (3 & 1/3 minute) ballad which is calm and eloquent. A perfect interlude between the two longer pieces of this disc. Stylistically these players are not so far apart and consistently complement each other. I love the short sludge section in the first part “Night Juice Agenda”, both the sustained toned sounds and trading of licks are exciting and engrossing. The well integrated picking, interplay and choice of textures again makes this sound more like some progressive epic unfolding over a long period of time or album side length. At about 30 minutes, I kinda wished this would go one for another epic but it still seems completely fulfilling nonetheless. Just have to listen to it again and again. – Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery