Anders Nilsson Group

Desert Funk  – I put this group together in 2011 with the main focus being on rhythmic intensity and the power of grooves and intense interplay. We play with original tunes of mine blending our diverse backgrounds and agilities in a groove-inducing, open, expansive manner. I guess you could almost call it “world music”, or a mixture of Deep Purple and Moroccan music! In writing for this group I feel like I draw from my whole history of playing in bands (28 years and counting). The selections tend to be rather jam-friendly, possibly danceable pieces. This band shot is of the original line-up: Brahim Fribgane – oud, percussion, Satoshi Takeishi – drums, percussion, David Ambrosio – bass & batah, Daniel Kelly – piano, synthesizer, Anders Nilsson – guitars. Things have changed a bit due to relocation but Mr. Takeishi and Mr. Ambrosio have remained at the core of it with me. We perform a few times a year, mostly at Barbes in Brooklyn. People who have sat in with us include Peter Apfelbaum – horns & shakers, Rob Garcia – drums, Tim Keiper – ngoni & percussion, Gerald Cleaver – drums. I hope to record this group one day….